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Recent News

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Healthiest Communities interview by steve sternberg

An interview with Rebecca and Rocco on our new initiative and what people across the country agree on when it comes to health.


“divided on healthcare, united on health” by rebecca onie

In her latest TED Talk, Rebecca asks: “What if we're not divided? What if we're asking the wrong questions?”


“treating the entire patient” by karen weintraub

A profile on Rebecca and her pursuit of a “broader notion of health that includes the essentials: healthy food, decent housing, a solid job.”

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“government as innovation catalyst” co-authored by rocco perla

A perspective on how the government-market relationship can best accelerate innovation and learning

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“integrating social needs into health care” co-authored by Rebecca Onie and Rocco Perla

Lessons and recommendations from twenty years in the field integrating social needs into clinical care


“why don’t we deliver the health we should?” by Rebecca onie

A case for building a more just and rational health care system that builds on learnings from past movements


“Population Health: The Ghost aim” coauthored by rocco perla and rebecca onie

“If population health is to be more than a Ghost Aim, it has to be part of the definition and system of care,” Rebecca and Rocco argue, “with clear definitions of success.”